the nelson dionne salem history collection

Salem Common, ca. 1890

Our first title, U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, Massachusetts IS OUT!!Books in process include: Salem Serves: Sites and Stories from Salem's Military and Patriotic Heritage; Salem Gives: A Early Philanthropy in Salem, Massachusetts; Salem Eats: A Nostalgic Look at Favorite Salem Eateries of Yesterday and Today; and Salem Trolleys and Buses: Horse-drawn, Electric, and Gas-Powered. Part of the proceeds from our books go to the (nonprofit) Nelson Dionne Salem History Fund at Salem State University.

"Salem Serves"
"Salem Eats"

Salem, Massachusetts, is known world-wide for its ties to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and its unparalleled reputation in the maritime trade. Salem is also home to magnificent architecture, and a fine literary and arts heritage.

This book series, "Salem's Forgotten Stories," tells even more tales from Salem's illustrious past to educate, inspire, and entertain with a special focus on the Civil War era to the present day. We look forward to announcing new titles and book signings!

So Many Untold Stories!