Our first title, U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, Massachusetts IS OUT!!Books in process include: Salem Serves: Sites and Stories from Salem's Military and Patriotic Heritage; Salem Gives: A Early Philanthropy in Salem, Massachusetts; Salem Eats: A Nostalgic Look at Favorite Salem Eateries of Yesterday and Today; and Salem Trolleys and Buses: Horse-drawn, Electric, and Gas-Powered. Part of the proceeds from our books go to the (nonprofit) Nelson Dionne Salem History Fund at Salem State University.

"Salem Serves"
"Salem Eats"

So Many Untold Stories!

the nelson dionne salem history collection

Salem Common, ca. 1890

Salem, Massachusetts, is known world-wide for its ties to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and its unparalleled reputation in the maritime trade. Salem is also home to magnificent architecture, and a fine literary and arts heritage.

This book series, "Salem's Forgotten Stories," tells even more tales from Salem's illustrious past to educate, inspire, and entertain with a special focus on the Civil War era to the present day. We look forward to announcing new titles and book signings!