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Salem Serves was released on December 14, 2019!

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Salem Serves features:
• Over 500 images from the Nelson Dionne Salem
   History Collection at Salem State University
•  Essay on Salem during wartime (the “home front”)
•  Descriptions of Salem Military Units and Veterans                       
•  List of Veterans Squares, Memorials, and Monuments
•  Self-guided trails: Salem Common and Downtown,
    McIntire Historic District, North Salem, Waterfront and Derby
    Street,  Coastline Defense (Winter Island, Fort Pickering,

    Fort Lee, Fort Juniper)
•  Proclamation of Salem’s federal designation as the
    Birthplace of the U.S. National Guard by BG Leonid
    Kondratiuk, Director, Massachusetts National Guard
    Museum and Archives

“This book helps keep the remarkable story of Salem’s military and
patriotic history alive and enduring. Read it, reflect upon the stories,
and honor the memories and sacrifices of the men and women of
Salem who helped shape the community we so enjoy today. “

—Kim F. Emerling, CSM, U.S. Army,
Director of Veteran Services, City of Salem


Our first title, U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, 1935-1970, is available:

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- Wicked Good Books (Salem)

- U. S. Coast Guard Heritage Museum (Barnstable)

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U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, Massachusetts, 1935-1970: A Pictorial and Chronological History
by Bonnie Hurd Smith


118 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed; revised edition with new material.

Salem Common, ca. 1890

the nelson dionne salem history collection

Salem Serves: Sites and Stories from the Military and Patriotic Heritage of Salem, Massachusetts, 1626-WWII
by Bonnie Hurd Smith


402 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed