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Salem Serves: Sites and Stories from the Military and Patriotic Heritage of Salem, Massachusetts, 1626-WWII
Salem, Massachusetts, is the federally-recognized birthplace of the United States National Guard. It is where the Revolutionary War really started—at another North Bridge. It is where the American Navy was founded, it could be argued; George Washington actually slept there in 1789; Salem sailors, “Sea-fencibles,” saved the USS Constitution from capture by the British; a Salem ship captain first called the American flag “Old Glory.” People from Salem also transformed maritime navigation for the American Navy and Coast Guard; recruited and signed up for the famous all-black 54th Regiment during the Civil War; started the first battlefield ambulance corps; served as nurses before women could join the military (and then signed up in record numbers when they could); invented defense mechanisms that helped win two world wars; produced high-quality materials to support war efforts at local factories—one winning the prestigious Army Navy “E” Award. And, they volunteered—to raise money, join committees, sew, roll bandages, write letters, care for widows and orphans, and help returning wounded soldiers.Salem Serves features:Over 1,000 historic images and objects from the Nelson Dionne Salem History Collection. Five trails of historic sites: • Salem Common and Downtown• McIntire Historic District• North Salem• Waterfront and Derby Street• Coastline Defense: Winter Island and Salem Neck.

“This book helps keep the remarkable story of Salem’s military and
patriotic history alive and enduring. Read it, reflect upon the stories,
and honor the memories and sacrifices of the men and women of
Salem who helped shape the community we so enjoy today. “
—Kim F. Emerling, CSM, U.S. Army,
Director of Veteran Services, City of Salem

U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, 1935-1970

A pictorial chronology of this early Coast Guard Air Station on Salem's Winter Island, including rare photographs from the station's earlier iteration on Gloucester, Mass.' 10-pound Island and dozens of images from the Nelson Dionne Salem History Collection at Salem State University and the Beverly Historical Society.

Salem Common, ca. 1890

the nelson dionne salem history collection

U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, Massachusetts, 1935-1970: A Pictorial and Chronological History
by Bonnie Hurd Smith


118 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed; revised edition with new material.

Salem Serves: Sites and Stories from the Military and Patriotic Heritage of Salem, Massachusetts, 1626-WWII
by Bonnie Hurd Smith


402 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed